Custom Pocket Logos For Custom Fishing T Shirts

Please read these helpful hints for wholesale customers:

Capt’n Tom’s Artworks specializes in designing or reproducing quality Custom Pocket or Pocket Size Logos for your custom fishing t shirts.

Pick any of Capt’n Tom’s designs to be printed on the back of your t shirts.

You may already have a logo that you use for your business or organization. If you have a business card, a letterhead, or anything with your business logo on it, chances are Capt’n Tom’s Artworks can use that as a guide to put your pocket logo together. If you have a Website with your logo showing, Capt’n Tom can download it off the net.

The most desired artwork is “ALWAYS”, Black & White with good sharp lines. No grey tones or fuzz. In designing pocket logos, the rule is, KEEP IT SIMPLE! There is not a lot of space to work with and you want people to be able to read it at a reasonable distance. If you load up a lot of wording on your logo, all the words must be smaller to fit them all in. KEEP IT SIMPLE! That makes sense don’t it? Typically your company or organization name above a logo, your City and State below and sometimes a phone number should be enough.

Remember, the better the artwork you start from, the better the results. Please provide me with the best art you have.

If you are trying to put together a logo from scratch, you might find something in Capt’n Tom’s CLIP ART MART

You can email attach your artwork to:

You can fax your artwork to: 443-596-0730
There are often poor quality issues when sending art via fax.

Mail your artwork to:

Capt’n Tom’s Artworks

111 N. Stuart St

Baltimore, MD 21221

If you have any questions, call Capt’n Tom at: 410-687-3568