36 Sweatshirts Total – Option 1


Okay… Got It… You've decided to order 36 Sweatshirts.

Option 1: Printed Front Only

Any Capt'n Tom's Artworks Design (OR OTHER DESIGN) Full Front

$15.00 each – $540.00 plus shipping cost below.

* XXL – Add $2.00 each (Sorry no XXXL or larger available)


The same individual per piece price as when ordering 36 pieces applies.

To order more than 36 pieces just proceed as if you were ordering 36 AND JUST KEEP GOING UNTIL YOU ARE READY TO STOP AND PROCEED TO CHECKOUT!

From your piece of paper if you have followed my instructions,

Now tell me what designs and sizes you want below.

Mix and Match Your Designs and Sizes Any Way You Like!

Add to your shopping cart one-by-one by size and design number, returning here each time to order another design and/or size. If you want more than one per size/per design you will have the option to increase your quantity ordered per size next to the “Add To Cart” button below. Please keep your own count while inside your shopping cart. Proceed to “CHECKOUT” when you have reached 36 or just keep going as mentioned above. Thank You for doing business with Capt'n Tom's Artworks!

Note: In addition to giving me the design number below, I ask for a short description (Title) to avoid mistakes.

Shipping Cost Calculator:

Total Order Amount
$100.01 to $200.00 – shipping is $18.85
$200.01 to $300.00 – shipping is $25.00
$300.01 to $400.00 – shipping is $30.00
$400.00 and up – shipping is $35.00

Questions; email me at captntom@captntom.com


Full Front Capt’n Tom’s Design Number and Short Description (Title) *

Upload a different (Non-Capt’n Tom) Full Front Design:

Image Quality: I cannot perform magic. Poor quality images, images that are too small, too fuzzy or very low resolution WILL RESULT IN POOR QUALITY RESULTS. Please provide me with the largest, highest quality and highest resolution image you have.
Special Instructions: I can add simple wording to your image. There are many variables here. If you have “Special Instructions”, please try to keep what you are asking me to do as simple as you can. When providing “Special Instructions”, please provide as much detail as you can to avoid any confusion or mistakes on my part. I may refuse any order and refund your money if the job is too complicated OR I know it will produce poor results.
Refund Policy: Because this is a CUSTOM ordered product and cannot be resold, I cannot promise a refund if you are unhappy with the results. I CAN PROMISE that I will do my very best to make you happy with your Capt'n Tom's Artworks product!

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